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OG Starter Stax

OG Starter Stax

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2.5MM Gold Bracelet (Size)
3MM Gold Bracelet (Size)
4MM Gold Bracelet (Size)

Are you new to STAX's and unsure where to begin? Discover our 2.5MM, 3MM, and 4MM bead size options, perfect for adding a chic touch to any outfit! Our 14K yellow gold-filled beaded stretch bracelets feature a dainty and minimalist design, ideal for effortless stacking and layering. With stain—and tarnish-resistant properties, our designs ensure long-lasting beauty. Crafted with a strong stretchy cord, these bracelets combine style and durability. Explore the elegance and versatility of our OG Collection today.



Our 14k gold-filled beads are made to last. Our beads will not tarnish, peel or discolor. You can wear your jewelry every day.


  • 14k Gold-filled beads
  • Elastic stretch cord
  • Made to order
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