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Star of David Bracelet

Star of David Bracelet

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Explore the enchantment of our 14K yellow gold-filled beaded ball stretch bracelets adorned with a stunning CZ pave diamond Star of David charm. These delicate and minimalist designs are perfect for easy stacking and layering, infusing style into any outfit. Revel in the confidence that our creations are guaranteed stain and tarnish-resistant, ensuring timeless beauty. Discover the seamless blend of elegance and versatility in our extraordinary jewelry pieces.


Our 14k gold-filled beads are made to last. Our beads will not tarnish, peel or discolor. You can wear your jewelry every day.


  • 3MM 14k Gold-filled or sterling silver beads
  • Pave CZ Star of David charm
  • Elastic stretch cord
  • Made to order
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