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Have My Heart Bracelet

Heart Bead Color:
Hot Pink on White
White on Purple
White on Baby Blue
White on Baby Pink
Gold on Black
Gold Outline
Red Outline
White Outline on Black
Neon Outline on Black
A chic addition to any outfit! Acrylic heart + 14K yellow gold-filled beaded ball stretch bracelets are dainty and minimalist in design, making them perfect for stacking and layering. Our designs are guaranteed stain and tarnish-resistant.

*This listing is for ONE 14k gold-filled bracelet.*

➤ Acrylic heart beads + Real 4.00MM 14K GOLD-FILLED BEADS (NOT PLATED, WILL NOT TARNISH).

➤ Your choice of acrylic heart bead color.

➤ These bracelets are handmade with high-quality gold-filled beads that are lightweight, easy to wear, and chic!

➤ Bracelet cords are made with a strong and stretchy cord to slip onto your wrist comfortably.

➤ Available sizes may vary: Please message us if you're interested in a size not listed.

➤ All orders come in beautiful packaging.

➤ Handcrafted with love in Chicago, IL.

*6.50" is the average size for a woman. If you are giving the bracelet as a gift and unsure of the size- 6.50" is our suggestion!*

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